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Weekly Batch: August 17-21

Every Friday we bring you our weekly batch of uploads. This week grab mp3s from Lokai, Camera Obscura, Speech Debelle featuring Wiley, Grand Archives & more. Download all the songs that went up the week of 8/17-8/21 right here.
Featured Video: Miike Snow - Animal

We have the new video for "Animal" from Miike Snow. Their self-titled album is out now on Downtown. Director Anthony Dickenson decided to work with projections and sculptures using a mixture of animation and band performance footage. Although the technique has been seen in art installations, it had never before been combined with camerawork for a music video. The technique for mapping projections was very complicated; the aftereffects had to be co-coordinated through experimentation over a period of 5 weeks. The result is a unique music video in which graphic, colourful country and city landscapes move and change in time with the music, whilst the band members transform into fantastical animals.

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Featured Artist: Mayer Hawthorne

He's a white guy from Ann Arbor Michigan with a voice and style that comes together like Smokey Robinson meets J Dilla. His name is Mayer Hawthorne, and he's just another cat on board the retro soul train. Peanut Butter Wolf, the head of Stone Throws, stated that Mayer Hawthorne might have been the first person "I signed after hearing only two tracks." Besides singing, Hawthorne does all the musical arrangements as well. Talk about talent. I haven't been able to put my finger on it, but I swear "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out," is a cover--it's THAT retro. Meanwhile, tracks like "Maybe Yes Maybe No," have a soulful sound that is embedded with hip hop drum patterns. Mayer Hawthorne is currently on his first US tour, and is definitely worth a look.
Free Download: Lefse Records Compilation

Download a sampler from Lefse Records for FREE featuring Neon Indian, Phaseone, Julian Lynch, Sunnybrook, Tape Deck Mountain and more!
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Choir of Young Believers
song:Next Summer
album:Action/Reaction (Ghostly Inter…
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song:Sooner Or Later (Vasili Gavre …
album:Cameo (Kanine Records)
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Camera Obscura
song:My Maudlin Career
album:My Maudlin Career (4AD)
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Speech Debelle
song:Better Days (Revox) ft Micachu…
album:Speech Therapy (Big Dada)
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Cold Cave
song:Life Magazine
album:Love Comes Close (Matador Reco…
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Cold Cave
song:The Laurels of Erotomania
album:Love Comes Close (Matador Reco…
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Grand Archives
song:Oslo Novelist
album:Keep in Mind Frankenstein (Sub…
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Richard Youngs
song:Broke Up By Night
album:Under Stellar Stream (Jagjaguw…
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Imaad Wasif
album:The Voidist (Tee Pee Records)
[ play ] | [ download mp3 ]
song:Find You Out
album:Your Face Or Your Kneecaps
[ play ] | [ download mp3 ]
album:Transition (Thrill Jockey Reco…
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Aspects of Physics
song:Level 3
album:Marginalized Information Forms…
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Anti-Pop Consortium
song:Volcano (Four Tet Remix)
album:Volcano (Big Dada)
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Elvis Perkins in Dearland
song:Slow Doomsday
album:The Doomsday EP (XL Recordings…
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The Bodies Obtained
song:Death From Above
album:Dead Plans (Finding You Attrac…
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