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Featured Download: Jogger - Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Friends of Friends Remixed is out July 28th on Friends of Friends Music.
Nosaj Thing is one of the fresher producers we've seen this year - he runs with Aether, Flying Lotus and the rest of that L.A. crew. Like Fly-Lo, Nosaj steps away from a fluid and atmospheric album to drop his hardest-hitting stuff in his remixes, and it's probably smart from a marketing standpoint: the remixes are more likely to come at us as one-off listening affairs. Don't let that cheapen the track, though - "Nice Tights" is thrown into the time-stretch machine, sampled into mesmerizing bits and pieces, pushed from funkier origins into a dark, deep place. All things considered, we dig Nosaj's work from either side. Oh, and go back and grab that Friends of Friends split - with Daedelus and Jogger, you'll find a superstar ushering in a superstar-to-be.

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Featured Video: Major Lazer - Hold The Line
Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do is out now on Mad Decent/Downtown Music.
"Hold The Line" from Major Lazer features Mr. Lexx and Santigold. The video was directed by Ferry Gouw. Rendered in glorious 1980s after-school animation, "Hold the Line" features Major Lazer squaring off against mummies, vampires, and, of course, more zombies.

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Weekly Batch: July 6 - 10

Every Friday we bring you our weekly batch of uploads. This week grab mp3s from Riceboy Sleeps, Forro In The Dark, Holy Ghost!, Dam-Funk & more. Download all the songs that went up the week of 7/6-7/10 right here.
Featured Review: Discovery - LP

The overuse of auto-tune in popular music has led rap’s mogul Jay-Z to say “Enough”—but that hasn’t fazed these Brooklyn hipsters. Discovery, the new indie pop duo comprised of Rostam Batmanglij (producer of Vampire Weekend) and Wes Miles (vocalist of Ra Ra Riot) have created an album so overdone in auto-tune that Kanye West will probably ask for credit. Maybe I’m inferring too much, but it seems that Batmanglij is strategically using this proven method for pop success. His production with Vampire Weekend was compared to Paul Simon’s Graceland, which was considered one of the most successful pop albums ever. Now with LP his use of auto-tune feels like a ploy to make a pop record. For those unfazed by auto-tune get ready to discover, but for those who feel like Jay-Z, well—we heard it all before.
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Times New Viking
song:No Time No Hope
album:Rip It Off (Matador Records)
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song:Jap Dad
album:UUVVWWZ (Saddle Creek)
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Starlight Mints
album:Change Remains (Barsuk Records…
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song:What's Up, Jackal?
album:Rated O (Jagjaguwar Records)
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Jay Reatard
album:Watch Me Fall (Matador Records…
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These United States
song:I Want You To Keep Everything
album:Everything Touches Everything …
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Phenomenal Handclap Band
song:You'll Disappear
album:The Phenomenal Handclap Band (…
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Sally Shapiro
song:Love In July
album:My Guilty Pleasure (Paper Bag …
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album:Toeachizown (Stones Throw)
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album:Vagarosa (Six Degrees)
[ play ] | [ download mp3 ]
Wooden Wand
album:Hard Knox (Wand) (Ecstatic Pea…
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Holy Ghost!
song:I Will Come Back
album:I Will Come Back (DFA)
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Forro In The Dark
song:Perro Loco
album:Light A Candle (Nat Geo Music)
[ play ] | [ download mp3 ]
song:Stay Famous
album:Patriot (Counter Records / Nin…
[ play ] | [ download mp3 ]
Riceboy Sleeps
song:Boy 1904
album:Riceboy Sleeps (XL Recordings)
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Black Mold
song:Tetra Pack Heads
album:Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz…
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