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Featured Download: Herbaliser - Geddim!
K7 will release Session 2 in August.
Herbaliser's range is really quite impressive. Last time we wrote about them, they were pumping out horn-driven pop hits for Same As It never Was, a funk-drenched album that the betterPropaganda crew went ecstatic over for a while. One disc later, "Geddim!" flaunts something more complex and jazzy, recalling the speedy intricacy of all of Herbie Hancock's Watermelon Man. And it still manages to maintain the funky vibe we've all come to adore. Be sure to get your hands on Session 2, out early August - among a crop of bigger names, this is maybe my most anticipated disc since Animal Collective's latest.

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Featured Download: Darlings - Teenage Girl
Yeah I Know is out now on Famous Class.
“Teenage Girl” sounds like if Jens Lekman fronted The Modern Lovers. Like all lo-fi songs, it skates by on its simplicity & amateurish charm. Immediately, from the jangly two-chord swing intro & verses, the song seems as if it’s existed forever, buried in the shelves of a college radio station from the early 80s. You can almost trick yourself into hearing that slanted & enchanted hiss behind the sleepy, effortless melodies. The scratchy guitars & playful drums don’t so much propel the song forward as they shuffle them along, interrupted periodically by an amiable, connect-the-dots guitar/keyboard line. Then, just before you drift into a soft, guitar pop reverie, a squall of feedback snaps you back in time for a brief, gloriously distorted temper tantrum before it returns to its sunny demeanor.

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Fingertips Explores the Archives: Devics - Come Up
Check out the rest of the article here.
This one's just gorgeous. Don't be deceived by the lounge-like piano and drum sound at the beginning if you don't like a lounge-like piano and drum sound; once singer Sara Lov opens her mouth, we're transported way way beyond surface-level cocktail-hour piffle. Such sweet strong character emerges as Lov breathes music into the words over Dustin O'Halloran's assured touch at the piano; when she arrives at the simple sad sing-along chorus, the piece has acquired a melancholy grandeur not often heard from the indie world.

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Weekly Batch: June 29 - July 3

Every Friday we bring you our weekly batch of uploads. This week grab mp3s from Black Heart Procession, Kode9, Magnolia Electric Company, a Nosaj Thing Remix of Jogger & more. Download all the songs that went up the week of 6/29-7/3 right here.
Featured Review: Starfucker Live at Bottom of the Hill

For a group whose name mocks the very fan base they’re creating, Starfucker knows how to engage a crowd. Playing last Tuesday at the Bottom of the Hill, the Oregon based band brought energy, humor and talent. When this combination transfers to their record, they’ll have an army of starfuckers ready and waiting. In all sincerity the crowd consisted of mainly platonic starfuckers like “I’m in love with this band,” though there appeared to be some more lustful eyes in the crowd as well
Featured Video: Jenny Lewis - Black Sand

This is the first video from Jenny Lewis and her most recent record. Acid Tongue is out now. The video was directed by Justin Mitchell.
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