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Featured Download: Lusine - Two Dots
Two Dots is out now on Ghostly International.
My first exposure to Lusine was his set at the Ghostly 10 Year Anniversary party, one of the few shows where I expected brilliance even from the unknowns, based solely on the strength of Ghostly's reputation. Lusine was one of the bright spots of the night. He composes music like a pointilist paints, with minute elements congealing to form an interconnected whole. "Two Dots" is a sampling of his refreshing form: echoes speckle the backdrop of this track, supplementing soothing vocals - some of them cut up and some of them whole, though the former is somewhat imperceptibly birthed from the latter. It builds steadily to the end, each new layer of echoes occupying a space which doesn't seem to exist until it's filled. Quite a fresh approach - we can't recommend this one enough.

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Featured Download: Sharon Van Etten - For You
Because I Was in Love is out now on Drag City.
Unfortunately, Sharon Van Etten will be hard pressed to avoid comparisons to Cat Power, with her minimalist but pretty song structure, and captivating bluesy vocals. The plucky guitar work on "For You" reminds me of a slowed-down version of the well-known melody of the Turtles, "So Happy Together." Having not heard any of Van Etten's other work, I'm not sure whether she leans more towards a country-blues type sound, or whether she is emblematic of the indie-folk crooner types like Miss Chan Marshall. Frankly, either could work in her favor, as her vocals convey as much emotion as the music does, if not even more so. "For You" is a beautifully vintage-sounding two and half minute track from the New Yorker's forthcoming album, which was released on May 26.

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Featured Video: MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker featuring John Legend

Set in a run-down Los Angeles 99 cent-type store, this video is a stylish visual story about two young lovers who find a moment of transcendence amidst the decay and commerce. Directed by Vincent Haycock.

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Weekly Batch: June 22- 26 '09

Every Friday we bring you our weekly batch of uploads. This week grab mp3s from The Poison Arrows, Herbaliser, Miike Snow, Body Language & more. Download all the songs that went up the week of 6/22-6/26 right here.
Featured Review: Grizzly Bear: Good or Fad?

What makes Grizzly Bear so captivating is that they are extremely talented musicians, a facet that is hidden behind the vastness, the shear space, on their recordings. That is, the grandiosity of orchestration - instruments, melodies, and rhythms all colliding - overshadows the individual talents of each Grizzly Bear member. Their recordings are symphonies without solos, so there's no showcasing of singular skills. Live, however, the musicianship and emotion is visible, allowing you to grasp, not only the individual aptitude of each member, but the collective tightness of the whole band.
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song:Hurts Me all the Time
album:Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. (Friend…
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Youth Group
song:Two Sides
album:The Night Is Ours (Ivy League)
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song:Two-Headed Coin
album:I Blame You (Sub Pop Records)
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Bishop Allen
song:The Ancient Commonsense of Thi…
album:Grrr... (Dead Oceans)
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Poison Arrows, The
song:An Unexploded Dream (New Cryst…
album:First Class, And Forever (File…
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Cale Parks
song:One At A Time
album:To Swift Mars (Polyvinyl Recor…
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Body Language
song:Huffy Ten Speed
album:Speaks (Moodgadget)
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album:One (Moodgadget)
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Sally Shapiro
song:Miracle Bogdan Irkük Remix
album:My Guilty Pleasure (Paper Bag …
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song:Teenage Girl
album:Yeah I Know (Famous Class)
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Jack Peñate
song:Tonights Today
album:Everything Is New (XL Recordin…
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album:Session 2 (!K7)
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Miike Snow
album:Miike Snow (Downtown)
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Blank Dogs
song:Tin Birds
album:Under and Under (In the Red Re…
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