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Featured Download: Nurses - Caterpillar Playground
Dead Oceans will release Apple's Acre in August 4th.
It takes all of about three seconds for Nurses - "Caterpillar Playground" to work its charm - that little bit of carefree whistling is enough to turn a curmudgeony old man into a flower-picking child again. Not that the track rides a flat emotional level - it starts with the line "Say something wonderful / say something horrible" and continues to chase down the same sort of aesthetic, like a child who doesn't understand complexity but says profound things on accident anyway. This whole track is demure, even bashful, so that everything from vocals to drums to bells and background samples are used sparingly, but to quite an enamoring effect. A comparison to High Places immediately sprung to mind - check this out if you like glee which tries, but (thankfully) fails, to hide its antithesis.

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Featured Download: St. Vincent - Actor Out of Work
Actor is out now on 4AD.
You’d be foolish to think Annie Clark is just a pretty face because she’s also the brilliance behind the emerging band St. Vincent. Her music can shift from love-wooing-coos to haunting marches of social criticism. Typical of St. Vincent, her lyrics are full of metaphors, denouncing the subject as a cheat, a liar, and a supplement. When listening only to the tones, her voice is soft and melodic and as she sing “woo hoo,” the song almost seems loving, but then in comes the dissonant saw synthesizers backed by haunting choral sounds, changing the structure of the song entirely. St. Vincent is a dynamic musician, and multi-instrumentalist, and “Actor Out of Work” highlights the clash of noise and feelings that is so uniquely St. Vincent.

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Featured Download: YACHT - Psychic City
DFA will release See Mystery Lights in July.
Never grow up, Yacht! I mean it: there are too many serious, samey electronic jams clogging my airwaves (blogwaves?) and Yacht has proven to be one of the few artists who can pull off silly and listenable in the same track. Maybe they've been listening to a little too much Hawnay Troof, what with the arhythmic vocals, but with all the "ay ya yas" and judo grunts, "Psychic City" is still fun as hell. Of course, the lyrics are all wacky up front, but don't miss the sugary, romantic turn at the end. Aww, Yacht, you big softy.

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Featured Video: School of Seven Bells - My Cabal

The video for "My Cabal" was directed by David Mullett. The My Cabal 12" is out now on Ghostly International.
M83: Live at Mezzanine

Over the last couple weeks, my boyfriend, who generally never showed much interest in the majority of the music I listen to, has started bringing my music with him to listen to while he drives around on the job. One of those albums happened to be M83's Before the Dawn Heels Us, which he later described in a text message to me as “mindhead music” that was “making him sleepy.” Funny enough, that is precisely how I would sum up M83’s performance at Wednesday’s show at the Mezzanine in San Francisco.
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