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Featured Download: Starlight Mints - Zoomba
Barsuk will release Change Remains in June.
"Zoomba" is a rather silly song, but Starlight Mints manage to pull off a sort of half-step dance party by embracing that silliness, never attempting to launch themselves into a more serious mode. The "wah-wah-wahhhhhh" horns (you know, like when a contestant gets the wrong answer on a game show) subvert what would be laboriously slow tempo, instead turning it into joyous waltz with all the melancholy purged from it. "Put jelly on my toes so the most don't bite" - that's right, just cause life is slow doesn't mean you can't smile through it. Honestly, indie rock needs less seriousness and more more unashamed bullshitting, which is why I'm looking forward to their upcoming release, Change Remains.

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Featured Download: Matthew Dear - Deserter (Four Tet Remix)
The Asa Breed Black Edition is out on Ghostly.
Usually we try to rep the new stuff but Asa Breed is classic, Four Tet is perennially dope and a merging of the two is too good to pass up. (It came out on a re-release with bonus tracks, so I guess it qualifies - hell yeah Ghostly International for keeping me interested!) Of course, it's nearly impossible to nail down Four Tet's diverse style, but this is about as characteristic as you'll get from the producer - trademark glossy, playful synth leads, busy but chipper and clean arrangements. I dig the way Matthew Dear's lyrics are a little more stark in this mix, emphasizing the alienation that lurks behind the gloss. I'm not ready to let go of Asa Breed as one of my favorites, and this remix gave me an excuse to dive back into that atmospheric wonderland.

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Featured Download: Bachelorette - Mindwarp
My Electric Family is out May 26th on Drag City.
With "Mindwarp," it's like Bachelorette had this goal to present themselves as Blonde Redhead's more-restrained, cuter younger sibling, but then they got to the studio and decided to play hotswap with all their instrumentation. There are funky guitar wah-wahs, and a barely-audible bass that almost sounds like they spilled water on their Casio, and now it just emits this low hum whenever the circuit wants to. It's all disorienting, but the cadences are enough to keep me skipping blissfully through - multiple times in a row. It'd be tough to make a call on this band before I heard an album, but the dissonance in form and subdued sense of glee is enough to earn this track a healthy look.

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