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Featured Download: Tortoise - High Class Slim Came Floatin' In
Thrill Jockey will release Beacons Of Ancestorship in June.
Oldtimers Tortoise have been doing the post rock thing for almost twenty years now, but we haven't seen original material from them since 2004. It's nice to see they spent the last 5 years avoiding cruising altitude - "High Class Slim Came Floatin' In" sounds both fresh and classic in the context of Tortoise's legacy. At over 8 minutes, it whiplashes between nimble synthesizer arpeggios, tinny drums and distorted waves of atmosphere, often stopping on a dime to kick into new elements that completely wash away the old. Fans of the "marathon song" aesthetic will want to check out what Tortoise is up to.

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Featured Download: Lee Fields & The Expressions - Ladies
My World is out in June on Truth & Soul.
Along with the soul revival which has featured artists like Sharon Jones and Amy Winehouse is Lee Fields, literally a revivalist, after beginning his career in the soul heydays of the 70s. “Ladies” is new-soul with an undertone of hip hop - flip-flop drums pushing the soul prerequisites: funky guitar riff, subtle harping violin, and a piping trumpet hook. On “Ladies,” Fields is a love machine singing to any and every lady possible with lyrics like “when you pass me by/ you’re like candy to my eyes / you’re sugar you’re spice you’re everything nice.” When people ask, is hip hop dead, they’re asking about that soul. “Ladies” is a test, no hip hop isn’t dead, it's just lost its roots.

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Featured Download: Blue Roses - I Am Leaving
Blue Roses self-titled album is out now on Beggars Banquet.
Ahh, do you feel a certain sort of serenity in the air this week (and by air, I mean internet tubes)? Nicole set a relaxed tone plucking that new John Vanderslice track for the song of the day yesterday, and given my current mood I don't mind continuing the trend with "I am Leaving" by Blue Roses. Part sweet, part melancholic and colored by an overarching calm, this track takes fingerpicking folk and uses an appropriately subdued synthesizer backing - and, well, meltingly exquisite harmonies - to elevate it to a divine place. Click play and close your eyes - though the lyrics aren't completely carefree, I swear you'll feel your body get lighter.

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Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream

With Walking On A Dream, the debut album by the Australian band Empire of the Sun, comes an intriguing venture into an outer space disco rock. With indie-rock-cooing over psychedelic-electro dance rhythms, the band’s lavish style with overindulging makeup and glitter seems for a lack of a better word--fitting. The duo comprised of vocalist Luke Steele formerly from The Sleepy Jackson and dance producer extraordinaire Nick Littlemore from Pnau, are lost in a world they’ve created.
Featured Video: Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

The video for "Mykonos" was directed and animated by Sean Pecknold and produced at Grandchildren. The video was shot using a Nikon D90 and Dragon Stop Motion software. After Effects was used to sequence the images. Sun Giant is out now on Sub Pop.
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