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Featured Download: Suckers - It Gets Your Body Movin'
Suckers EP is out now on IAmSound.
Suckers, eh? I give a rather begrudging tip of the hat (I hate it when people are wittier than I am) to how accurately my reaction to their music was telegraphed right inside their band name. As in, yes: maybe I should be past subtle, atonal guitar twang, bombastic horns and worn-around-the-edges vocal delivery, but goddamned if it doesn't get me anyway. "It Gets Your Body Movin'" cribs from Sunset Rubdown's yelpiness, from Neutral Milk Hotel's wobbly saws and whistles, from Grizzly Bear's deep metallic percussion, and none of it matters. It all falls into place, and damn is it sweet when it does.

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Featured Download: The Juan Maclean - One Day
Future Will Come is out now on DFA.

This is The Juan MacLean's 2nd full length, & the proper follow up to Less Than Human. In the liner notes, Juan MacLean comments on whether he considers his project to be a solo or band effort. His answer is that it is far greater than him. While the evidence supporting that belief is scattered throughout the album, the collaboration on "One Day" is a definite high point. With vocals provided by Nancy Whang, & some nice backing vocals from Alex Frankel, those funky DFA bass-lines, synth-beats and cheesy 70's soul vocals from MacLean himself will have your ass dancing around like you would to a Kylie Minogue video (don't even try to deny it). Okay fine, perhaps Human League would be a more appropriate point of reference. Either way, you should definitely get the gist by now.

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Featured Download: Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms
Alpha Pup Records will release Drift on June 9th.

It's becoming clearer and clearer to me that Drift is going to be one of the benchmark albums of 09. Floating in a boatload of well-deserved hype, Nosaj Thing's got his style pretty well locked down, as evidenced by this sputtering, short-of-breath pulser, "Coat of Arms." He takes up residence at both extremes of the frequency spectrum, with crunchy synthesizer lines buzzing away like an electric bug lamp claiming victims, while deep, oceanic beats wobble under liberal filter sweeps and swerves. There's incredible movement here, and it's quickly becoming Nosaj Thing's trademark. He's a relatively new arrival, but after an EP and a couple remixes, he hasn't missed the mark yet. If you're fiending for something new from the West Coast space-blip movement keep an eye out for Drift.

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Featured Video: Daedelus - LA Nocturn

Daedelus' "LA Nocturn" was directed by Eli Stonberg. Friends of Friends Vol. 1 is out now.
Artist Feature: The Love Language

I would guess that at least 10 indie rock bands are formed each day in America. That can be translated into a total of almost 4,000 bands per year. If that seems like a lot, think about these factors. 1st, there's this Rock Band video game craze which, if it had guts, I'd hate them. 2nd, there's the general notion that being in a band makes anybody cool. I can't argue with that. Look at John Mayer. On second thought, don't look at John Mayer. 3rd, & probably the most prevalent factor, particularly in rock music, is the constantly-rising # of broken hearts. Heartbreak is the catalyst behind millions of bad records. So, you would think that when Stuart McLamb, leader of The Love Language, broke up with his girlfriend and made a record about it, it would become just another speck of ash in the inferno of heartbreak. However, you would be delightfully mistaken. What's even more surprising is that the result is something far, far better than just a great lo-fi rock album.
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