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Featured Download: Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader
Veckatimest is out in May on Warp.
I still don't know whether I loved or hated Yellow House - when it was released, it was the album I returned to more than any other. It was also the album I left quicker than any other - perhaps because it was exactly what I remembered every time I came crawling back. I kept wanting to find new things, & instead I found the same reverberated dream, which was hazy & crisp all at once. I suppose Veckatimest is going to satiate my hunger for a new bulk of material from Grizzly Bear. "Cheerleader" follows a more stable & anchored build toward a choral, tingly payoff. It's never loud, but it is confident, perhaps at an intensity that differentiates itself from their past work. Veckatimest is sure to round out our perception of who these guys really are.

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Featured Download: Prefuse 73 - Preparations Kids Choir
Warp will release Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian on April 14th.

I've been sucked so far into the darker DJ scene lately - Aether, Nosaj Thing, Flying Lotus and all those other sputtering arhythmic beat hounds - that I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever pull myself out and love other genres again. Interestingly, the king of them all - Guillermo Scott Herren - might be the one to rescue me, by way of side project bait-and-switch. Those other dudes have proven their chops, but it's about time Prefuse 73 came back to show them how it's done - "Preparations Kids Choir" scrapes and distorts the strangest frequencies, folding back on itself with a level of intricacy unmatched by his peers.

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Featured Download: Pete Doherty - New Love Grows On Trees
Grace/Wastelands is out now on Astralwerks.

"New Love Grows on Trees" bares a sparser form than I'd usually pay attention to, but when Pete Doherty - iconic for his penchant for sex, drugs, rock and roll, drugs and more drugs - takes it down a notch, I have to take notice. On his solo effort, Doherty finds power in the well-timed pause, injecting enough movement in his vocal cadence to puncture a relatively simple guitar backing. In direct opposition to most lyricists, who carve out whole bars of space around their cleverest lines just to be sure we take notice, all of Doherty's strongest lines are hidden behind sudden speed and vocal urgency. "It makes perfect nonsense to me" - listen up or you might miss them.

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Featured Video: The Presets - If I Know You

"If I Know You" was directed by Eva Husson. Their sophomore album Apocalypso comes out this summer in a deluxe edition.
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