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Featured Download: Panther - On The Lam (Copy Remix)
14K God is out now on Kill Rock Stars
Copy scrawled his lock-to-grid, blippy electronica all over Panther's intentionally loose "On the Lam," essentially coaxing twice the jam out of the same amount of space. As is Copy's hallmark, it builds and builds and never gets crowded. Robots on the lam.
Featured Download: Grizzly Bear - He Hit Me
Friend is out now on Warp Records.
Yellow House felt like a promise more than a payoff - a semi-ambient, dreamwashed album that was great but not legendary. With the Friend EP, Grizzly Bear moves closer to perfecting their own brand of sublime vulnerability.
Featured Download: Marie Möör - Pretty Day
Check out Bippp: French Synth Wave 1979-85 out now on Everloving Records
When I dropped this track for my roommate, he said, "so this is what everyone's been copying." Fans of Cansei de Ser Sexy, look no further than Marie Moor's "Pretty Day" - and the brlliant comp album that contains it - for the origins of the genre.

Featured Review: Noise Pop '08 - The Walkmen
The Walkmen performed tunes from their newest release at Noise Pop this year.
Before lead singer Hamilton Leithauser sang one note, I knew he would be awesome. He was decked out in a sailor’s jacket and slacks and had a swagger that made him seem cocky, yet welcoming, and composed, yet volatile beneath the surface.

Featured Video: Gnarls Barkley - Run
Read more about Gnarls Barkley here.
Gnarls Barkley is back with "Run" from their upcoming album The Odd Couple.
Podcast: On iTunes Now
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The betterPropaganda podcast is back with another installment - the best of February 2008 (with a few classics sprinkled in for good measure). Mixed by Phillip Taylor-Parker, this one's oriented toward the indie-dance aesthetic, with a fair bit of electronic influence. Got iTunes? Click here to subscribe and get the latest episode.

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Grizzly Bear
song:He Hit Me
album:Friend (Warp Records)
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song:On the Lam (Copy Remix)
album:14k God (Kill Rock Stars)
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Late Of The Pier
song:Space and the Woods
album:Space and the Woods (Parlophon…
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The Walkmen
song:Rue The Day
album:Everyone Who Pretended To Like…
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Marie Möör
song:Pretty Day
album:Bippp: French Synth Wave 1979-…
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