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Featured Download: Marlena Shaw - California Soul (Diplo Remix)
Verve Remixed, Vol. 4 is out now on Verve.
Diplo's got a little bit of a soft spot for the classics. He flashed the retro flair in 2005, when he remixed Kanye West's "Gold Digger" - coyly shucking off all of Kanye's vocals, instead centering his mix around the Ray Charles sample that was the source of Gold Digger's infectious hook. I'm excited to see him turn back to the classics as the basis for his latest remix effort. This time around, he's punched up Marlena Shaw's rendition of "California Soul." Historically, Diplo hasn't mucked around too much with his originals, and this one's no different - Shaw's unbelievable voice is still at the forefront, as is much of the lively rhythm section. Diplo twists and tweaks just enough to renew it for the young folks that compose the vast majority of his following. You hear me, Diplo? You do your best remix work as a revivalist. Keep pulling those decades-old gems back into the spotlight.
Featured Download: Starfucker - German Love
The self-titled album from Starfucker will be out on Badman Recording Co. in September.
Today we're featuring the fiendishly catchy "German Love," courtesy of Starfucker. Assuming you aren't at work or in the presence of small children, say that out loud a few times: Starfucker! Starfucker! Fun, innit? This song itself gives you the same goofy, sort of juvenile warmth that their name conjures. It's all there - poppy guitar, warm vocals, weird electronic oscillations, and a whole blanket of reversed, warping strings. And, of course, a sweet tale of young lust on top of it all. Enjoy this one - again, in the presence of people to whom you won't feel embarrassed repeating the name when they ask you who's playing. Because they will ask. It's that good.
Featured Download: The Whip - Divebomb (Crystal Castles Remix)
X Marks Destination is out on Southern Fried Records.
In continuing with our trend of an upbeat week, we bring you a Crystal Castles remix of The Whip's "Divebomb." This isn't so much "summer / roadtrip upbeat" as it is "divebar / grimy upbeat," that brand of electro-jam that pisses off your aging roommate but makes you supremely happy. (Mine's seven years older than me and she doesn't like this song. Must be a generational gap.) Fans of the CC album know to expect their trademark galaxy synths, and there's plenty of that here - but surprisingly, it eclipses the poppiest material on their debut. Call it a nod to accessibility, without compromising the clusterfuck electro niche they carved out for themselves. Hopefully this is a sign that they'll be around for years to come - long enough for me to complain to the next generation that their watered down shit ain't nothin' like Crystal Castles was, way back in the day.

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Featured Video: Hot Chip - One Pure Thought

The video for "One Pure Thought" was directed by Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle.
Featured Review: Flying Lotus - Los Angeles

If you're in search of some of the most forward-thinking artists around, you will never fail with Warp Records. Recently, the label has extended its innovative arm into genres outside of electronic music, including hip-hop, indie rock, and math rock. But, Warp Records built its empire upon the foundation of electronic music and it will always remain at the forefront of the genre and its subsidiaries. So, it is no surprise that the latest release from Warp Records is one of the most original pieces of electronic music that will come out this year. Oh, and if you think originality is an implicit way of saying experimental, which you may loathe, don't fret. I'll explain.

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