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TWIST “Slums and Seaports” - MUSiC NOTES >> LiSTEN - 11/27/2014
  Laura Hermiston and Brian Borcherdt recently dropped another nugget of hazy guitar goodness in the form of Twist‘s latest single, “Slums and Seaports”. It’s the third song to come from the duo in the last 12 months, an…
BY DIVINE RIGHT “New Life” - MUSiC NOTES >> NEW MUSiC - 11/27/2014
Earlier in the month, By Divine Right released a second track from the forthcoming Speak and Spell tribute album Quick Before It Melts first mentioned back in September. The record takes Depeche Mode’s classic 1981 debut album–the only o…
MIMICO “Fate Screen” - MUSiC NOTES >> NEW MUSiC - 11/27/2014
  One of my favourite discoveries this past year is Mimico, who’s sensory-stimulating sounds I first wrote about back in January of this year. The return to close out 2014 with a new single, “Fate Screen” from their first full…
SISKIYOU “Deserter” - MUSiC NOTES >> LiSTEN - 11/27/2014
  The opening track from Siskiyou‘s forthcoming album, Nervous, is one of those songs that prickle your ears the second you hear it. Nerve ends in the inner canal twitch and tune into this frequency from another plane, and suddenly you fi…
REC CENTRE Monster of the Week - REViEWS >> DiSC OF THE WEEK - 11/27/2014
If she’d been from Winnipeg, Manitoba instead of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift’s 1989 would be DiSC of the WEEK today, such is my current predilection for punchy power pop these days. But lest you think Monster of the Week wins …
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