Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #16 Jamie Lidell - Multiply


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#16 Jamie Lidell - Multiply

If Multiply were conceived as a painting it would depict the members of Parliament and Stevie Wonder on one side of a picnic bench with the Stax label mates on the other side, with both groups raising their glasses for a toast, as a young Jamie Lidell, dances on the table with birds flying overhead and the sun beaming down on the joyous occasion. I was surprised when I learned a white guy from England, named Jamie Lidell, influenced by all the artists above, could put together an album so soulful and animated with emotion that was comparable to the greats of 60s & 70s soul and funk era.

His collaborations with Christian Vogel as Super_Collider combined his voice, with discontinuous, warped realities of music. Then out of nowhere, comes Jamie’s third solo-album, Multiply, different from his first two projects, shocking Warp label fanatics with a reverent, crisp and most palpable album to date. Like Sharon Jones, the album sounds like a record dug up from lost crates from forty years back. With a strong voice full of innate soul, Lidell can tread over songs with a soft soulfulness like Stevie Wonder on “What’s The Use,” and “Multiply;” or, alter the EQs of his voice, and spice the beat with funky rhythms and effects, sounding more like Andre 3000 on tracks like “Newme” and “When I Come Around.”

The idea of “timeless” to describe a record can suggest how an album can be heard by any generation and be appreciated, and also how an album defies the boundaries of time, creating a sound like Multiply.

- David Johnson-Igra

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