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#18 Boards of Canada- Geogaddi

It's never a bad thing for a band when choosing between one, two or several albums as the best in their career is a difficult task. With Boards of Canada it is nearly impossible to choose. The Scottish duo that comprises Boards of Canada, Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin, are so dope, I dare you to come up with an IDM pairing who are more consistent and influential than the two of them. Their debut album, Music Has the Right To Children is an amazing debut album, a classic by any standards, and also set the bar quite high for their follow up. The follow up came in the form of 2002's Geogaddi, and definitely delivers. Geogaddi follows in a similar electronic-IDM vein as their debut, but with a bit of a harder edge to it. The songs on the album are so icy, eerie and downright sinister I can no longer listen to this album while driving alone at night. Every time I hear the song "Music is Math", I think to myself whether there is a better IDM-scratch cut than this one? I can also hear a number of artists who were probably influenced by the track: Air, M83, DJ Signify, every artist on former Florida-based record label Merck (R.I.P.--sorry had to peep game on this label). A bit of advice to Mr. Kanye West: you may want to study up on good examples of vocoder usage, so why not start with what is displayed on the track "1969", one of Geogaddi's standout cuts. Other album highlights include: "The Devil is in the Details", "Sunshine Recorder", and "Julie and Candy."

Boards of Canada rounded out their catalogue with 2005's The Campfire Headphase, resulting in what could possibly be the greatest trilogy of electronic based albums ever. Choosing a favorite Boards of Canada album is so impossible it becomes unnecessary to choose (except in the case of this top 100 Album List--with the end results yet to be revealed). I do find it necessary though to spend good amounts of time with the entire Boards of Canada catalogue, and especially with Geogaddi--just not too late at night.

- Nicole Coxe

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