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#24 Caribou (Manitoba)

It's impossible to give props to Caribou (aka: Dan Snaith), without also mentioning his previous work under the name, Manitoba. Prior to his two albums released under Caribou (Andorra, and The Milk of Human Kindness), Snaith released 2 full-length albums, including the amazing, Up In Flames. Canadian born and bred Snaith, was forced to forgo his Manitoba moniker in 2004, when he was sued by Handsome Dick Manitoba.

I admit that when I first heard Up In Flames, and specifically the song "Crayon", I didn't think he could produce something better than that. It was the perfect blend of shoe-gaze electronics, like that of Stereolab, as well as the fuzzy-pop of Flaming Lips. His move to London prior to Up In Flames is evident in some of the electronic beats used in the songs. With the Manitoba name set-back behind him, Snaith released 2005's The Milk of Human Kindness. The album wasn't a giant success, with the first half of the album falling a little flat, while the later half of the album is almost perfect. In 2007, Snaith struck gold with Andorra. The album is hands down his best work to-date. It's all-together interesting and fun, well thought out and properly executed. The album manages to sound both bold but understated.

Snaith received the 2008 Canadian Polaris Prize for 2007's Andorra, and has recently announced that he will be donating a majority of the money to some important causes (including Ecojustice and the Stephen Lewis Foundation). He will keep only a portion to finance his next album. While it will be a hard task to top Andorra, let's hope that Snaith has enough heart and creativity in him to take Caribou in a new direction, rather than trying to create an Andorra 2. Though that really doesn't sound so terrible either.

- Nicole Coxe

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Caribou - The Snow Capes

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Caribou - Melody Day

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