Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #25 The Knife - Silent Shout


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#25 The Knife - Silent Shout

The Knife's breakthrough release, Silent Shout, found itself one of the more overly-lauded releases of the otherwise lackluster musical climate of 2006. Yet, the extreme amount of hype behind the album was well deserved, as Silent Shout ultimately propelled the mostly unknown Swedish electronica outfit to quasi ‘underground deity’ status, and set notable standards for both emerging and well-established electronic musicians in the following years.

Born from the mind of an unusually reclusive masked brother/sister duo, Silent Shout proves itself as mysterious a release as the band that created it. Despite upbeat, pounding bass, raucous drums, and the timidly beautiful voice of lead singer Karin Dreijer Andersson, the songs on Silent Shout are disturbingly sinister at their cores. With each track comes a deep-rooted postmodern embracement of death, fear, and uncertainty tainted with a childlike interpretation of the world’s many flaws.

Although it seems easy for those unfamiliar with the album to write it off as another collection of seemingly morbid, dark electronic music, Silent Shout defies all conventions of its underlying enigmatic nature. Ricocheting violently across the electronica spectrum, the album seamlessly integrates dance-fueled numbers (“We Share Our Mother’s Health,” “Like a Pen”) with eerily subdued and haunting tracks (“Forest Families,” “Marble House”). The album’s unbelievably lush and captivating production and attention to detail provides the perfect finishing touch.

Even though The Knife may be on an indeterminate hiatus, the mark left by Silent Shout will undoubtedly send shockwaves through the electroscene for years to come.

- Kat Bee

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