Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #28 MF DOOM


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MF Doom aka Zev Love X (real name Daniel Dumile), is the man in the iron mask. A veteran since the late 80's, he got his break when he was featured on the 3rd Bass single, "The Gas Face" (1989, Def Jam). In 1991, Doom and his brother DJ Subroc formed the socially conscious group KMD and were signed to Elektra Records. Their debut album Mr. Hood received praise and became an underground classic, but it all came to a screeching halt when Doom's brother Subroc was killed in a fatal car accident. Later Elektra dropped KMD, supposedly citing controversial lyrics and a racially charged album cover deemed too inappropriate for their label. Emotionally distraught, Zev Love disappeared from the hip hop scene for almost five years, only to remerge as MF Doom, a supervillain bent on world domination. His reinvention as the villainous MF (which stands for Metal Face) Doom was based loosely on the origin of Marvel Comics super villain Dr. Doom. MF Doom has issued countless albums and participated in numerous collaborations under different pseudonyms, and has established a sound and mystique that is heavily influenced by comic books and other sci-fi phenomenon. With releases as Viktor Vaughn (Vaudeville Villain), Madvillain (Madvillainy) and a highly praised collaboration with Danger Mouse on Dangerdoom, MF Doom has proved his incredible talent is here to stay.

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