Fingertips Explores the Archives: Peter Walker - What Do I Know


Jeremy from Fingertips joins us every Friday as he scours the betterPropaganda archives, highlighting gems buried a few years back in our database.

This week we bring you "What Do I Know" from Peter Walker.

Sharp and assured, this song is enlivened by the juxtaposition of a tight beat and a relaxed melody. Despite a stark and itchy guitar-and-drum backdrop straight out of, I don't know, an early Joe Jackson record maybe, Walker sings with a cool, deft calm that really centers this short song--he seems in fact to be singing perpetually off the beat; combined with how the lyrics tend to clump into three-syllable groups, Walker creates a sense of unexpected space in a rigorously marked 4/4 environment (each beat itself often slashed out by double-time rhythm guitar eighth notes). And in a song that's not much more than two and a half minutes, I wouldn't expect a kick-out-the-jams guitar solo, but I'm impressed by the sonorous and genuinely interesting 25-second turn Walker takes on his instrument, from which he gets a neat bagpipe-y sort of droniness. "What Do I Know" is the last song on Young Gravity, Walker's second CD, which was released in April 2006 on Dangerbird Records. Since last year, Walker has been part of the L.A.-based band Eulogies.

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- Jeremy Schlosberg

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