Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #29 Milosh - Meme


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#29 Milosh - Meme

It is easy to describe Milosh's music as beautiful, sensual, or emotional, but it is impossible to describe it as uplifting, even if love is the central theme. You Make Me Feel, Milosh's 2004 debut, was filled with minor chords and decrescendos that transformed a lyrically uplifiting album into a mood-shattering pool of heartbreak. However, 2006's Meme finally got the theme right, riding on the heartbreak that Milosh underwent in his real life. With its snap-crackle-pop beats, wistful vocals, and overall somber, downtempo feel, Milosh has managed to appropriately pair his music with his lyrical themes. But, what is most interesting about Meme is that, despite its devastatingly solemn tone, it is by no means a depressive statement. Rather, the album mysteriously paints the saddest of emotions with the most beautiful colors, transforming the idea of heartbreak and loss into something that is disarmingly gorgeous. The best example of this is "The City," a song about the barreness of big city streets in the wintertime, a metaphor for the emptiness one feels after the loss of a once thriving relationship. An "Everything in it's Right Place" keyboard line introduces the song until Milosh's crushed vocals flutter in. A filtered "Disarm" bell folds in to create a percussive melody alongside the primary keyboard melodies. A schizophrenic handclap beat slowly fades out the trebled keyboard melodies, leaving us alone with the grave tone of the bell and a feeling of despair, but also a twinkle of admiration for such beauty.

- Caleb Morairty

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