Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #31 Primal Scream - XTRMNTR


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#31 Primal Scream - XTRMNTR

Primal Scream has been an important act in the UK music scene since the late '80s, but the band's most significant contribution to music is certainly 1991's Screamadelica, an album that is credited with bringing House and Techno music to the mainstream. It brought Primal Scream to the forefront of the British music scene, going on the win the coveted Mercury Prize. Following Screamadelica, the band attempted to maintain it's pioneering presence, but 1994's Give Out But Don't Give Up was too rock to keep their ties to experimentalism, while 1997's Vanishing Point was a solid, yet contrived effort to return to their form. It was not until a decade later that Primal Scream did finally return to form. 2000's XTRMNTR was not so much birthed from the mold of Screamadelica - it was not a replication. Rather, XTRMNTR used Screamadelica as a blueprint. Informed by Screamadelica, XTRMNTR pushed the boundaries of music, meshing the deeper elements of rock and electronic music. It leaned much more towards psychedelic rock, but was infused with electronic swirls and twitches. It was a very aggressive album in both the use of guitar and lyrics, but it was strangely soothing, mainly due to the use of electronically created atmospheres and occasional releases such as "Keep Your Dreams." Though released in the very beginning of the decade, XTRMNTR has still managed to withold it's forward-thinking label and it will continue to influence the important acts that break down boundaries of genre.

- Caleb Morairty

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