Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #36 MF Doom - MM...Food?


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#36 MF Doom MM…Food?

Late in 2004 when MF Doom released MM..Food?, most hip hop listeners were jamming Kanye West's The College Dropout or Twista's "Overnight Celebrity." Remember, this is the year Jamie Foxx became a “big hit” singer for his vocals on Twista and Kanye’s track, “Slow Jamz.” Yeah—Kanye dominated the airwaves, but meanwhile MF Doom dominated the hip hop underground. I admit, I didn't hear this album until recently, because I was stuck on his other classic released earlier in 2004, Madvilliany by Madvillian, the collaboration of Doom and producer Madlib. Few artists can boast two solid and successful albums in one year—Doom can.

MM..Food? is a medley of songs and montages of sound clips, served on fifteen plates, mostly dressed with food references, and spiced with unique flows, bragging rights, bitches, and friends. The album is full of raps that flow like tangents to form better rhymes, that somehow make sense, but leave you wondering—“Does dude have A.D.D?” Besides “One Beer” and “Kon Cueso,” Doom produced all the beats, reaffirming his skills as producer and rapper. His beats while driven by the sample are dynamic: they can be edgy and hard like on “Beef Rapp” or simple, yet gritty like “Potholderz.”

Doom, the “modern day marvel, never horrible,” has the skills to boast and the insight of a mature veteran artist. Serving first the brag on “Rapp Snitch Knishes,” Doom raps, “Spittin on enemies, get the steel for tin men/Where no brains buts gum/He said his gun clap, then he fled after one slap.” The following track Doom expresses humility on, “Vomit Spit,” when he raps, “While he’s in his oratory/glorious like a horror story/the mask is like Jason/they told the place not to let the basket type case in/ he could be some kind of wacko/waiting for the chance to hit the pipes like a crack ho.” They say the best know their weakness and build on their strengths and Doom hardly ever disappoints.

A bizarre phenomenon coming on each MF Doom track, you never know what’s next. Inauspiciously masked, asked if it’s really him at shows, Doom knows how to produce and rap—that’s clear. Maybe skip his shows, but know, each album he touches might be turning gold, but for sure, it’s another toast to the hip hop days of old. Following his path, with lyrics and flows that stands out amongst emcees like cover pages of Angelina Jolie on tabloid magazines. Here at betterPropaganda, we’ll dole the honor to MM..Food?, one of the best of 100 albums of the last ten years.

- David Johnson-Igra

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