Yer Werdz Here


We're just getting going here at Better Propaganda, brand new at the start of 2004. If you are a music writer, and would like your words to appear here, we can make that happen. We haven't started making money yet, and can't afford to hire any writers for now; but contributions are certainly welcome.

What's in it for you? A place to get published. Also, you can use your byline to work free advance releases out of your fave labels, or get access to artists for interviews. We hope to have press kits for contributing authors soon, and also intend to send out stacks of promos from our headquarters. Of course, we're so new, none of this has happened yet, we were just lucky enough to get the site working so you can see it, eh.

Anyway, editorially, we're interested in any sort of mp3 or net-music-centric lifestyle pieces. For example, how does someone use a portable mp3 player in their daily life? How do some local musicians use the internet to reach their fans? How is the internet a collaborative song writing tool for others? What is the social context online music exists in? Also, we're interested in reviews of any artists who appear on our site here, or feature articles relevant to our chosen genres: rock, electronic, hip hop and- my favorite- other.

No promises for now or anything, we're only beginning to get a feel for how this site works ourselves. But if you want to help, let's talk about it. Send me an email, I'm one of the editors here.

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