Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #41 Clark - Body Riddle


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#41 Clark - Body Riddle

It's a bit hard to talk about Chris Clark's music. It really defies words. The music press usually discusses Clark in terms of comparisons. There's an urge to compare him to other Warp Records vets like Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. There are similarities between these artists, no doubt, but Clark's Body Riddle - his best work - transcends these comparisons.

There are also the obligatory descriptors so common to the scribblers around electronic music: sonic thumps, ebbs and flows, intermingling melodies, glitchy, dismantled, complex, percussive, layered, etc. Sure. But all of these terms together still do not shed light on the complex melodic arrangements of Clark's music or the feelings he can elicit with a simple sound in the right place. Body Riddle must be experienced - ideally, in a single sitting. Stop what you're doing and really feel this piece. It will change the way you hear and listen for the rest of the day.

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