Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #43 Nobody - Revisions Revisions


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#43 Nobody - Revisions Revisions

An older friend recently asked me the DJ question: "So, what does a DJ do other than spin records?" I was taken aback. I hadn't heard that clich├ęd query in awhile. But, thinking it over for maybe the first time in 15 years, I honestly tried to come up with an answer. DJ NOBODY, aka Elvin Estela's mixed tape Revisions Revisions was one of the best demonstrations I could supply.

The production work on Estela's mix of Her Space Holiday's "From here to South Carolina" is one of the better expressions of what good DJ can do for a mediocre song. The alterations in the musical arrangement bring the whole magnitude of the music and lyrical content to the surface.

This quality improvement informs to every song on the record. Estela teases out the minute details hidden in the original tracks to create new scenes, elicit deeper emotions, and create a more subtle and alluring set of images. He imbues every song with a sense of human fragility, a feeling of the something is out of reach, a sense of longing. These feelings emerge as unifying themes across what would otherwise be a disjoined collection of tracks. Only a handful of DJs come to the table(s) with this level of aptitude (Spooky, Shadow, RJD2).

Estela has put together a collection of great artists for this mix - Busdriver's "Unemployed Black Astronaut" is a high point; Clearlake's "Good Clean Fun" really rocks; Mia Doi Todd's "Autumn" is a fantastic knockout. All of these songs have been enhanced to allow the artists to shine through in ways they didn't always in the original versions.

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