Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #46 Caribou - Andorra


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#46 Caribou - Andorra

Caribou's Andorra immediately pulls you into their rich interlacing melodic sound-scapes. The third album from Caribou, aka Dan Snaith, Andorra is more wistful and layered in sound than his previous efforts. Some of the best pop of the decade is here: the explosive "Melody Day", the driving "Niobe," and the beautiful and pensive "Irene".

Andorra rests on numerous inspirations from the Turtles and The Association to the Velvets and mid 60s pop and psychedelia (Love, The Free Design, Beach Boys). These musical ideas are run through the early 90s Wall-of-Sound and Manchester Sound experiences, nodding to acts like The Stone Roses, Ride, Primal Scream, Mercury Rev and My Bloody Valentine. There are also a lot of Beta Band references here; including a nice cover of "She's the One". Andorra is a moment of reflection on this chronicle. It's really the whole history of jangle rock from 1960 to 2006 reconsidered and remixed. It is a reorientation of the form: more dreamy, more droning, ultimately more complex and full-sounding than its legacy references.

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