Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #48 Mouse On Mars - Radical Connector


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#48 Mouse On Mars - Radical Connector

I must have listened Radical Connector as much as any other album this decade. At last, Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma, the strange savants of experimental outings like Niun Niggung and Idiology, had finally done a pop album (if you don't include their work on Stereolab's seminal Dots and Loops). The material is accessible, melodic, but, thankfully, still marked by the signature oddities that Mouse on Mars add to every project. There's all the expected innovation and playfulness of MoM's earlier material. Each of these beat driven melodies is wrapped in a constant cacophony of odd bleeps, ambient sounds, and noises reverberating from every direction of the music. (Many of these sounds will lodge in your head for a few weeks). The duo also add vocals to the mix on Radical, mostly courtesy of touring drummer Dodo Nkishi. As they remind on "Mine Is In Yours ": "Live by and die by, the use of your voice". MoM also reminds us in the subtly sardonic "press excerpts" on their website that with "Radical Connector Mouse On Mars is taking an important step forward - both in terms of musical vision and international standing." Irony aside, it's true.

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