Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #49 Erlend Øye - DJ Kicks


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#50 Erlend Øye - DJ Kicks

Erlend Øye is the "singing DJ" on this - one of the best - of the !K7 DJ Kicks series. That is, he produces and actually sings over many of the songs that he's mixing. He's a phenomena as a vocalist too, one of the best singers in the biz right now. Øye is reminiscent of a young Centano Veloso, sweet, smooth, and spilling a waterworks of emotion with even the slightest a vocal inflection.

Øye (pronounced like s hypothetical Aussie cheer: Oy-Yay) first came to many people's notice through fellow Norwegian artist Röyksopp, laying down the vocal tracks on a couple tunes off the classic electronic Melody AM (the amazing and heartfelt "Remind Me" and the dance floor hit, "Poor Leno", a version of which is included on this album). He's also the a vocalist/musician/composer for The Kings of Convenience and his side project, The Whitest Boy Alive.

Singing over tracks is only one of his innovations on Kicks. Øye brought a refreshingly eclectic genre mashup to the area formerly known as "dance" music. His DJ Kicks runs the gamut from a disturbingly uplifting ambient-a-capella version of the Smith's suicide ballet "There is a Light that Never Goes Out" to harder edged techno. A hodgepodge of different styles and sounds (rock, electronic, ambient, house, etc.) the album also includes several original compositions. Mixes include material by Phoenix, Cornelius, The Rapture, Morgan Geist, though filtered by Øye's unique production vision, most of these tracks are almost unrecognizable beyond their melodies. In many ways, his compositional flourishes and arrangements are better than the originals.

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