Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #55 Busdriver & Radioinactive w/ Daedelus - The Weather

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#55 Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus - The Weather

Busdriver and Radioinactive along with Daedelus released the left-field and envelope pushing album, The Weather, in 2003. The Weather is not only a unique and clever album, it also distorted notions of hip-hop music and its direction at the time.

Busdriver is one of the most stylistically advanced MC's of our time; his lightning-quick delivery is matched only by his voice - incredibly unique in the world of hip-hop. Radioinactive's irreverent, complex and illogical lyrics mix well with beats assembled from samples of children's toys, household appliances, nursery rhymes, distorted facades, whistling, gargling solos and a century worth of recorded music. Daedelus shows nothing but genius on The Weather. An instrumental album, Rethinking The Weather was released by Daedelus not long after using the instrumentals from the original as a base, but completely chopped and remixed to create something new and entirely unique.

Radioinactive entertains with off the wall humor and wacky metaphors - "Like asking a Sasquatch to taste your Gazpacho / That's a nice watch, bro / Bought it from Costco / God, I like pasta / God is a monster / Monsters are modern / Inventions forgotten / Potatoe-au-gratin / Cradle your thoughts in a stable of oxen / thick ankles for socks and... / I'll strangle your Datsun with a Subaru Walkman."

There are strong statements made amidst all the hilarity though. Lines about foreign policy and paranoia, the media and oil corporations pop up throughout The Weather. "You are confusing the Mercedes Benz emblem for a peace-sign / And I'm mistaking that peace-sign for a crosshair" and "Just because the world runs on oil doesn't mean oil-men should run the world" are just a few.

The Weather makes our Top 100 Albums of the Decade list for being one of the most experimental, intelligent and humorous hip hop albums to date.

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