Warsawpack: Gross Domestic Product

Gross Domestic Product

There's a scene in 8 Mile where, I admit, I was bobbing my head. I'm not a fan of Eminem, nor am I a major fan of hip-hop in general, but one thing I do like is battles when rappers go at each other, rhyming and dissing and cussing until the audience yells OOHHHHHHH so loud that its understood that someone has 'won' the competition. Besides this, there isn't much in hip-hop that I enjoy, until now. Enter Warsawpack. In a sense, hardcore hiphopster's can say, "Fuck that Warsawpack is totally different from Eminem, one is rap and one is hip-hop." To this I saw, you're probably right, but for the purpose of this review, it makes a good intro so get over it.

What makes this album good is the instrumentation behind the amazing lyrics. The backing band veers from bass-heavy jazz to reggae to quasi-Rage at other times. Opener "Year of the Car Crash" has all the elements of a Medesky, Martin, and Wood song, only Warsawpack adds their own political lyrics to create their own kickass starter. "State of Unconsciousness" contains a super reggae sound with vocals that contain, as Samuel Jackson puts it so well in Pulp Fiction, 'great vengeance and furious anger.' "Friday Night" follows, picking up the tempo, complete with trumpets and turntables. Lyrically, it would take months to explain the intricacies of what comes out of the mouths of this band. Oil, the environment, GMOs, shields, weapons, engines, psychos, and pollution, its all here and it sounds great.

As a Canadian, I'm proud of this album. North 49th kicks ass in this amazing album debut. This album is 2 years old, but as this so-called 'Freeing of the Iraqi People' takes on more and more qualities of Vietnam, this album could have been released yesterday and every message is as true and genuine as it was then.

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