Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #62 Wilco


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#62 Wilco

In the 1990s, Wilco was Neil Young. They were Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger. They were once another Big Star and Jeff Tweedy was a modern Alex Chilton. But, once the century turned, Wilco finally became Wilco.

Although Wilco's rebirth can be summed up with 2002's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, 2004's A Ghost is Born solidified their greatness. It was another combination of experimentation and folk-rock, but it highlighted the band's precision and musicianship. 2007's Sky Blue Sky sounded more like a follow-up to Wilco's alt-country statement, Being There, being that it stripped away the experimentation; but, once again, it was further proof that the members of Wilco are gifted musicians and their folk-rock sound can sustain within an ever-evolving musical climate. Certainly, folk-rock is nothing new, but when coupled with the experimentation and/or musicianship that highlighted each of Wilco's releases this decade, it is a genre that will never die and Wilco will carry it for the remainder of the decade and beyond.

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