The Rogers Sisters: Three Fingers

The Rogers Sisters
Three Fingers

Pigeonhole, classify, categorize and label are bad words in the world of indie music (oops- there's one of those bad categories again). Marketing a band as "unable to be categorized" seems to give the group some sort of bragging rights. The argument is that they're just too original to be compared to anyone else and, therefore, cannot be put into a category. This attitude comes across as immature and amateurish to most listeners who understand and appreciate the value of genres.

The Rogers Sisters participate in a delicate dance when it comes to this issue. Putting them into one category is truly difficult. Are they punk, post-punk, electro-new wave or garage? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. This New York trio blends all of these styles together to make fun tracks. They run the risk of turning listeners off by their lack of easy labeling, but this band is worth taking a look at beyond the initial hype of being "unclassifiable."

The Rogers Sisters' new maxi EP, Three Fingers, is their first solo release since the band's debut LP, Purely Evil, in 2002. In a little over 20 minutes of music on seven tracks, Rogers Sisters show their talent in creating songs in a variety of styles. Miyuki Furtado (bass and vocals) belts out a sort of staccato yelling/talking/singing, while Jennifer Rogers (vocals and guitar) and Laura Rogers (drums and backing vocals) sing in pretty, almost ethereal voices. "Freight Elevators" and "45 Prayers" inspire lots of head-banging, while "Fantasies are Nice" and "Five Months" include gentle vocals, in addition to the interesting melodies. These tracks are different from the other five tracks where the rhythms and melodies are simple. What makes all of the tracks on this CD interesting is the overlapping of odd, sometimes cacophonous, electronic sounds and early-80s style punk vocals over garage or rock rhythms.

Hopefully, the three musicians will continue to draw on their different backgrounds (Furtado- the token male "sister"- from Hawaii and the real-life sisters, Jennifer and Laura, from Detroit) to produce enough eclectic tracks to fill up an entire LP the next time they hit the studio.

Melissa Gilmore

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