Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #66 Daft Punk - Discovery

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#66 Daft Punk - Discovery

There are DJs and then there is Daft Punk. There are clubs and then there are Daft Punk shows. There is electronic music and then there is Discovery.

Right out of the gates we hear "One More Time," a feel good jam that could even make your Grandma dance and it exemplifies the Daft Punk's ability to roboticize any sound. But, things aren't always as smooth as "One More Time." Songs like "Aerodynamic," "Harder, Better, Faster, Stonger," and "High LIfe" are funk jams that break like skater's arms. "Digital Love" is a love-pop gem that makes your head shake as much as it makes your heart quiver and "Something About Us" could fit like a glove on Hall & Oates' greatest hits.

Every song on Discovery is some sort of robotic pop perfection. But, what makes Discovery one of the most influential albums of the decade is that it came out at a time when nobody was dancing. All you heard was boy bands, indie rock, and southern hip-hop. Still, Discovery managed to break through the bullshit and rock every good house party and club. Discovery is the jam. Let's leave it at that.

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