Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #70 Fugazi - The Argument

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#70 Fugazi - The Argument

Had this been a list about the Top Artists of the '90s, then Fugazi would be in the top 10, no doubt. Despite the mark they made on the '90s, it was 2001's The Argument that has become Fugazi's pinnacle. Following a brief untitled intro, a scathing guitar jolts and Brendan Canty begins hammering out a heavy drum beat. Even heavier, a bass line kicks in and guitars thunder. Then, we hear Ian MacKaye's soft, but loaded voice. "Talkin' 'bout process and dismissal, forced removal of the people on the cornerl," he sings, arguing for the people, which has always been the cornerstone of Fugazi's music. But, The Argument was much more mature. It was more lyrically poignant and fueled less by angst than their previous work. It was more melodically ripened, although driven hard by bass and drums. Yet, it was as rooted in punk rock as Repeater, 13 Songs, and the rest. It is inherent in Fugazi's nature to play hard, yell, and fight the power. So, despite their ability to create melody with noisy guitars, despite their superior rhythmic knack, and despite their newly level-headed lyrics, they still maintained their roots. They just did with much more musicianship and intelligence. The Argument is the respectable statement that they had always been trying to make.

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