Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #70 Brazilian Girls


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#70 Brazilian Girls

I saw the Brazilian Girls a couple times on their first tour and was surprised at how easily they moved between diverse styles and sounds. They were almost a different band each time I saw them.

At the subterranean Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco they were a space age lounge act on acid. At the burlesque Bimbos, they were a more edgy dance rock act. What was consistent, was the quality of their musicianship and tightness of their shows. It's difficult to think of a better rhythm section then drummer Aaron Johnston and bassist Jesse Murphy on their self-titled debut. Although Murphy has moved on, the band's complex - and often Latin referencing - rhythms remain a focus.

As with their shows, the Brazilian Girls' albums walk the line between sultry lounge electronica and rock. There are a lot of styles and genres blended between: tango, house, punk, downtempo, island, jazz, etc. Lead singer Sabina Sciubba croons over this sound stew in a mixture of her 5 tongues: German, French, Italian, Spanish, and English. The whole cacophony makes the Brazilian Girls a hard band to cram into any of the usual categories.

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