Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #72 Madlib


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#72 Madlib

Madlib, the genius DJ, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and producer makes our Top 100 Artists of the Decade list for being one of most interesting figures in hip hop today. With over 10 pseudonyms (some being Yesterdays New Quintet, The Beat Konducta, Quasimoto & Jackson Conti), Madlib has been producing records and creating beats since 1993 when he got his start as a member of 90's hip hop group, Lootpack.

His expansive style has made him one of hip-hop's most sought-after producers - he hooked up with Peanut Butter Wolf in the 90's and has since produced multiple albums for Stones Throw Records. In return, Stones Throw has released much of his catalogue including the critical success, Quasimoto's The Unseen. Other solo projects include Jackson Conti and Yesterdays New Quintet, the latter being an instrumental jazz group made up of four fictitious characters. Madlib plays all the instruments himself. Madvillainy, the collaboration with MF DOOM (known as Madvillain), was another critical success and brought Madlib into the public spotlight.

He hasn't slowed down at all - soon to be releasing the next volume in his Beat Konducta series: Vol 6: Dil Withers Suite a tribute to close friend and label mate, J Dilla. Madlib reaffirms his love for hip hop in his music, but his artistic vision will not allow itself to be tied to one sound or formula. His creations confirm that this is pure genius at work.

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Quasimoto - Greenery

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Yesterdays New Quintet - Jackson Conti - Upa Neguinho

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