Negativland's Personal Jesus Stolen

Hackers broke through Negativland's UMN mainframe firewall on Easter Sunday and stole the final version of Negativland's top-sacred for-internal-use-only The Mashin' of the Christ video project. Negativland prayed that their in-house project would not make it into the hands of the unsuspecting public, but the file unfortunately made it onto the peer to peer networks, where criminals illegally share stolen property.

The Mashin' of the Christ is Negativland's top-secret-not-for-viewing video response to the number one film in America. Negativland had been amusing themselves by decrypting, downloading and mashing up the most violent religious film ever made along with over 27 other Hollywood portrayals of Jesus to create their own never-to-to-be seen vision of the last moments of Christ's life all in four minutes and 14 seconds. Is Christianity still stupid? Is Communism still good? Negativland had hoped that no one would ever find out for sure.

But that hope was dashed when the video project was stolen from Negativland's hard drive, and then, just last week, released onto P2P networks worldwide. Negativland's friends and lawyers who had seen The Mashin' of the Christ had strongly advised against a public release ever occurring (the "anti-circumvention" provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act says that doing this sort of decryption to make collage is illegal), but since God is said to see all secrets, only the public is left to be surprised by this unauthorized birth from Negativland. Voracious pirating of this work has spread across the Net and in the last few days high-resolution versions of Mashin' have even been appearing on P2P networks disguised as a complete copy of The Passion of the Christ.

Audiences will only be able to see this piece illegally on peer to peer networks. Negativland will be releasing further statements on its website, legal and personal threats permitting.

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