Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #78 Herbert - Bodily Functions

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#78 Herbert - Bodily Functions

Bodily Functions is the third album from experimental electronic music producer Matthew Herbert. Herbert blends 40's jazz sounds with deep house beats and found sounds on Bodily Functions to create a memorable and versatile album - one of the best of the past decade. His utilization of piano, woodwinds, strings, and the sultry vocals of Dani Siciliano is remarkably impressive.

Herbert developed a ten-point manifesto outlining his Personal Contract for the Composition of Music (PCCOM) - many tracks on Bodily Functions were recorded according to the details of this personal contract. The use of recorded sounds that exist already are not allowed. The inclusion of what are commonly known as accidents or found sounds however are encouraged. Despite all these rules, which may sound stuffy or restricted, Bodily Functions is a warm and calming record.

Samples of human blood flow, teeth rattling and digestive sounds are found throughout Bodily Functions. He even recorded the sounds made from his new born baby, laser eye surgery, a mouse trying to climb out of garbage can and the rustling contents of a purse. There is no way of anticipating what you're about to hear next on Bodily Functions - this is what makes Herbert's music so breathtakingly refreshing.

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