Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #79 Goldfrapp


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#79 Goldfrapp

I've always thought Goldfrapp was a bit of a silly name, ignore for a second that it's singer/composer/keyboardist Alison's last name. I mean, Goldfrapp? It sounds like a coffee drink. It took me a while but than I heard her music and really had to admit that I liked it. A lot.

Super-diva Queen of Electro Pop, Alison worked as stage and studio singer for Orbital and Tricky early in her career (she appears on Maxinquaye). You can still feel that same tripy energy - dreamy, melodic, with an urban subtlety. Working with her collaborator, composer Will Gregory, the duo mixes ambient dance layers with longing melodic pop. Goldfrapp is this generation's Kate Bush in crazy Stevie Nicksian get-ups.

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