Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #88 Orbital - Blue Album

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#88 Orbital - Blue Album

Orbital's Blue Album is a sonic bath of sumptuous melodies that demonstrate a new level of sophistication and compositional excellence. Lush, layered environments pervade this album, one of the best electronic albums of the decade.

For those who don't know, Orbital was an ambient electronic act that started in the late 80s in Kent. The Hartnoll brothers, Phil and Paul, were a regular fixture in the early 90s rave scene, and continued to shape electronic music well into this decade.

The Blue Album, which they claim is their last release, is one of their most experimental and beautiful albums, characterized by large ambitious soundscapes seemingly designed to induce hallucinatory states.

The album will appeal to both art rock enthusiasts and the electronic crowd. (The Hartnoll's include both early electro and punk as influences.) It's an album full of big pieces, but they're not necessarily anthems of yore. This is a more ambient and layered album with an almost orchestral ambiance that pulls from an eclectic mix of east/ west electronic sounds. All the playfulness of other Orbital outings is there too. Check out "Bath Time" or "Acid Pants", a collaboration with Sparks.

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