Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #91 The Strokes


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#91 The Strokes

We were hesitant to put The Strokes and Interpol right next to each other on our countdown - two acts, both from New York City, that revived their own portion of rock and roll. But while Interpol revived the complex, atmospheric spirit of post-punk, The Strokes saved the part of rock and roll that kicks your ass and makes no apologies. Think Iggy Pop; think The Ramones; think any seminal act that doesn't really give a fuck - they just play music.

In fact, The Strokes pretty much followed the archetypal path to superstardom. Before they ever released their debut full-length, they toured the UK - twice - on the strength of a three song EP. The buzz pooled up around their feet, and that buzz became a flood of recognition that rushed them along the path of fame. I remember when Is This It came out, I didn't own a copy for three months. I didn't have to - it was playing in my friend's cars, their homes, at the events on my campus at the time, everywhere. I heard that album three times a week, and when I finally bought it, my brother - who listens exclusively to top 40 hip hop - nabbed it on a family visit and smuggled it back home to Boston. (At least I have a sneaking suspicion that's where it went.) This was what we needed at the time: a band that was fucking everywhere and also deserved to be everywhere. Both on their recorded material and in concert, The Strokes steamrolled through a particular unmatched brand of rock that became larger than itself. It was a gracious steamroller, but crushing nevertheless, and one that could not be stopped. Two more releases later - Room on Fire and First Impressions of Earth - and The Strokes solidified themselves as a name that eclipsed, in influence and iconic appeal, even the music they made. These are rock and roll stars through-and-through, and in a swarm of overhyped, forgettable media darlings, The Strokes had a raw and real attitude that left an undeniable mark on the rock and roll scene - for the 2000s and beyond.

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