Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #92 Sigur Ross - Takk..

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#92 Sigur Ros - Takk...

Since 2001's Ágætis Byrjun, Sigur Ros has been swooping down from the clouds, quickly brushing the tops our heads, and leaving us all in wonder. The mystery surrounding this Icelandic quartet is rooted in their homeland, an island so foreign to most that fantastical thoughts begin to create its image - a landscape blanketed in the whitest snow and lakes as warm and soothing as morning tea. And, it must inhabit the most beautiful people that frolick in that snow, that bathe in those lakes, and dance on into the evenings. After a while, though, the mystery began to fade. With 2002's ( ), an undeniably beautiful album, Sigur Rós all together halted their swoops from space and settled on their clouds as our wonderment dwindled. It was a lovely record, but a safe play, one that seemed to be the beginning of an endless plateau. But, in 2005, the clouds began to thunder, and Sigur Ros was woken from their peaceful slumber. The air was frigid and a fire needed to be lit. So, they marched down from the heavens and brought us their strongest piece of work to date, Takk....

Takk... employed the same signature elements that has always made Sigur Rós so unique and intriguing - bowed guitars, spatial movements, and Jonsi Birgisson's breathtaking falsetto. However, from the clouds above the glacial peaks, the band emerged with fire in their hands and hearts. They brought the percussion out from underneath the snow to carry rhythms in and out of shoegaze. Guitars drove in hard like hail. Jonsi sang with a fiery vivacity that melted snowcaps and flooded the lakes. From the first track, "Glosoli," you can tell that there was a call to arms. The bass line drove in like a tank and the percussion depicted Sigur Rós marching in, melting the snow beneath their feet. From there, we were taken on the same whimsical journey that Sigur Rós had always led, but one that sparked more wonder and dug much deeper. Takk... was an album that was blatantly Sigur Rós, but, at the same time, completely different from the Sigur Rós we knew. It was stronger and more emotional. It still fluttered like white dove wings, but swooped in like eagle talons. And, once again, we were left looking to the heavens, gazing at the stars and clouds, trying to catch a glimpse of these enchanting beings.

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