Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #94 Supermayer - Save the World

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#94 Supermayer - Save the World

Supermayer's Save the World unites the seminal DJs Aksel Schaufler (aka, Superpitcher) and Michael Mayer, both longtime stalwarts of the Cologne's Kompakt sound. Surprisingly quirky and playful for the usually serious Kompakt world, Save the World defines a new mode for the dance floor (as well as for your living room).

Supermayer's MySpace page ironically lists them as "Electroacoustic / Folk / Techno", and they produce songs here that straddle those genres without actually fitting any one of them. Moving beyond the Cologne sound, Schaufler and Mayer seamlessly incorporate brass, sax, acoustic guitar, and other unexpected instrumentation into this fresh and surprisingly cohesive electronic classic. Ultimately, Pop-oriented minimalism combines with innovative beats to make this spin so solid.

"The Art of Letting Go" the album's first single sets the tone sonically and lyrically (yup, lyrics) - a driving bass line roots the layers of texture. There's an underlying complexity to this song and the album as a whole that you might miss the first couple listens. It's this simplicity/complexity contradiction that pervades most of the tracks, making it both an accessible pop experience and an important piece of experimentation at the same time.

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