Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #95 OOIOO - Gold & Green

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#95 OOIOO - Gold & Green

The OOIOO album Gold and Green (Thrill Jockey) is a collage of experimental ambient musical environments. Ordinarily this might imply boring wallpaper drones, scratching beneath off tempo beats. But OOIOO managed to create a more compelling and forceful piece of art.

With Yoshimi P-We of Boredoms fame leading the effort from the drummer's perch, percussion drives this effort and conjures environments that are fresh and approachable, while simultaneously deconstructive of the various musical elements they mix. At base, there's a trace inducing percussive repetition underlying the whole structure that's likely to speak to an archetype that lurks deep in your booty. This is summer day music - but with an edge - a cavorting through the trees of mystery, or a mad chanting dash around the proverbial campfire.

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