Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #96 Cassius


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#96 Cassius

Cassius is one of the premiere "no-genre" acts on our list. Ostensibly a hard-edged electronic dance act, Cassius plays across multiple genres and musical textures. They were massively instrumental in offering a way out of a dance scene that had all but exhausted possibilities by the early 00s, sputtering into increasingly esoteric, and often boring, niches. Cassius compellingly stepped back to look at the sonic forest instead, making big, eclectic dance songs that incorporated diverse musical styles and ideas - a sound that has arrived fully formed in their most recent album, 15 Again. It was with Cassius that the "French Invasion" (Justice, Simian Mobile Disco etc.) really began. Cassius reflects all the edginess, cheekiness, and the broad musical reference base that continue to characterize the invasion sound.

A production team, Cassius has also worked with luminaries such as MC Solaar and Cut Copy, mixed tracks for Air, Daft Punk and many others. Influencers such as Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah, Jocelyn Brown, and Leroy Burgess have all recorded with Cassius.

Cassius was also influential in the CopyLeft movement in releasing many a cappella versions of their songs and allowing fans to use the material in their mixes.

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