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#97 Feist

Now, this one was tough. Occasionally, Feist would be brought up in our Top 100 Artist discussions and, for the most part, was quickly shot down.

"I don't know if landing an iPod commercial is a positive or negative with respect to this list. Actually, I think it's a negative," said Phil.

"I saw that record in Starbucks," said Ken, facetiously.

"Wait, what were you doing in Starbucks?" questioned Cat.

Guiltily, Ken replied, "Let's focus on the topic."

For the bulk of 2007, Feist was everywhere. And, not until recently, has her grip on Pop, Rock, Indie, Contemporary Jazz, and Top 40 audiences subsided. I once believed that she would never fade from the spotlight and, as a fan since Let it Die, no, actually, You Forgot it in People, I was quite enamored by this notion. However, everyone needs a break, especially when you've been touring for two years straight. So, currently, Feist is on temporary hiatus.

"I bet if we were talking about this list a year ago, there wouldn't be any doubt that she'd be on there," I argued. They all puckered their lips and raised their eyebrows in agreement. "So, why should things be any different now?" The response was the same, for a moment. "Well," said Ken, "Ya know, like, she did sort of break through to a lot of different audiences and, like, that's something that can perhaps be perceived as good," he contended, with a slight chuckle. "But, I mean, dude, aren't you sick of her already?"

Without any hesitation, I replied, "I'd marry her today." I paused, looked up to the ceiling, as if looking into my brain for any sort of logic within that argument. "I mean, seriously, in spite of all of this hoopla, in spite of your mother and aunt who said they love Feist, in spite of the fact that The Reminder being played in every fucking Gap store, - ."

- "Wait, when were you in the Gap?" cut in Cat, cheekishly.

I continued, "In spite of all this, you have to agree that her voice is so amazing – not just some girl singing pop hits – but, amazing, like some sort of instrument that nobody else knows how to play." My statement was met with blank stares, but I held out, waiting for a response.

"Okay," said Ken as he turned back to his computer.

"I agree," said Phil, doing the same.

I looked to Cat for the final word. She looked up at the ceiling, as I did, then shrugged her shoulders and said, "That's fine."

And, that's how Feist became the 97th most influential artist of the decade.

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