Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #98 Kinky


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#98 Kinky

It would be hard to find a more exciting live band than Kinky. Unlike many great live bands, though, all the energy, range, and diversity of their performances also infuse their studio efforts.

From Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Kinky was one of the first acts of the decade to resist the obligatory genre categorizations. Dance sensible, with one of the tightest rhythm/ percussion sections around, Kinky continues to mix styles as diverse as Mariachi, Funk, Techno, and Punk. (This amalgamation of styles would eventually become one of the hallmarks of the mash-up decade, replacing the commercially-oriented genre system.) More than most, Kinky has blazed the trail - defining a unique new category with their self-titled first release. All the while, Kinky has continued to maneuver around the usual "world music" and other marginally racist categorizations reserved for acts originating outside the US/UK. With their new release Barracuda it's clear that they remain a bold creative force, committed to simultaneously redefining both "dance" and "rock" music.

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Kinky - A Donde Van Los Muertos (Brazilian Girls Remix)

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