Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #98 BRMC - Take Them On, On Your Own


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#98 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Take Them On, On Your Own

This album got me back into "rock" music. After a long foray into the electronic and dance underground, I had a hard time taking the genre seriously. Rock? That's Pop's Music - dungarees and cigarettes, four chord progressions, and cynically stereotypical lyrical gestures.

Then Terbo Ted here at betterPropaganda forced Take Them On, On Your Own into rotation. Three or four spins later, I couldn't resist. Every song on this album feels like something about to go out of control, but - paradoxically - each is tightly stitched together. Isn't that why we still like Iggy? Often compared to Jesus and Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club defined their own motorcycle-revving fuzz rock sound with this second album. Take Them On... brought back everything that I liked about the rock genre: the grittiness, posturing, and political edginess that had been homogenized into a catalog of bland cliché. (Jet, for example, released their formulaic debut a couple months later).

Songs like "Generation" play like a sonic a call to arms (or a call away from arms - this album came out as the Republican's were leading us into the disastrous oil war in Iraq). They took a stand with both musically and socially - a rare and risky thing during those dark and suppressive times. But that is what Rock is supposed to be about - taking it on.

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