Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #99 Devendra Banhart


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#99 Devendra Banhart

Yes, Devendra Banhart is next after Joanna Newsom, but, no, this is not going to be a list of 100 freak-folk artists. Also, I would argue that Newsom was unfairly categorized as freak-folk because she kicked it with that crew, but didn't really have the same sound. On the other hand, Devendra Banhart is the posterboy for freak-folk, representing its eccentricities in sight and sound.

Folk music, for the most part, is boring. That's right - boring. It's similar to the singer-songwriter genre in which everyone sounds the same. However, from time to time, an artist emerges that has the ability to play it so well, dusting folk with their own brand of emotion that replication and repetition don't matter. Or, they contort the genre with their own quirks, freakouts, and charm that a new sub-genre of folk is created. Elliott Smith and Paul Duncan would be the former; Devendra Banhart is the latter.

Banhart extrapolates the linear path of folk music and twists this extention toward a new direction. His voice is a warble that can be as eerie as a raven's call or as cheerful as a mockingbird's coo. Whether he's finger-picking in an empty room on "Sister" or strumming amongst a Spanish rhythm section on "I Feel Just Like a Child," Banhart manages to draw you in with his simple, yet bizarre songs. His indiosyncracies trickle from his music to his appearance, often donning feathers in his hair, painting on his face, and peculiar garb. He's a genuine artist - one of the best this decade.

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