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Jeremy from Fingertips joins us every Friday as he scours the betterPropaganda archives, highlighting gems buried a few years back in our database.

This week we bring you "Dirty Lives" from Love as Laughter.

Sounding somewhat like the Replacements if they were just goofy rather than drunk and goofy, the Brooklyn-based Love as Laughter has an immediately endearing sort of tight-yet-sloppy (or is that sloppy-yet-tight?) vibe to them; think the Shins crossed with early-'70s Rolling Stones and you're somewhere near the kind of indie/retro rock this outfit crunches out. Come to think of it, I'm pretty much of a sucker for any band that makes a no-holds-barred effort to breathe life into a sound too often ossified as "classic rock." And yet even as this one surely churns itself out "Bang a Gong"-ishly, there's way more to it. Listen to the opening guitar line, for instance: maybe it takes you back to the '70s, but the subtle, rubbery uncertainty of the notes themselves add new character to the sound, as does singer/songwriter/guitarist Sam Jayne's good-natured voice and capacity for writing rollicking melodies. The song comes from the album Laughter's Fifth, released in April 2005 on Sub Pop Records. No longer on Sub Pop, the band released its followup album, Holy, in June of this year on Issac Brock's Glacial Pace label.

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- Jeremy Schlosberg

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