The future of record labels is constantly in question. However, we at betterPropaganda believe that the labels that matter the most are here to stay. These labels are the cream-of-the-crop - the tastemakers. They put out records because they love them and they know we’ll love them. They hold their genres dear, but have the courage to branch out. They believe in the music they release and, no matter what the sales expectations were, every album is a success because they released something they loved.

The Top 50 Labels of the Decade will be posted alphabetically beginning September 15th through September 19th with 10 labels per day.

Click on the below labels to read what their founders, artists and label managers have to say!

Sub Pop - By putting the emphasis on the music, where it belongs, the rest is falling into place. The last few years have been some of Sub Pop’s most musically and fiscally rewarding since, well, that other time…you know the one.

Temporary Residence - "We first met Jeremy in the winter of 2000. We drove from Texas to Baltimore (where the label was based at the time) in order to record our second album (and the first for Temporary Residence)." - Chris Hrasky from Explosions In The Sky

Thrill Jockey - "We've released everything from alt-country, ambient experimental electronic music, post-rock, jazz, new folk, and punk rock as well as few things that remain outside the boundaries of classification but that always manage to push the limits in one way or another."

Tigerbeat 6 - Since he founded it in early 2000, the Kid has moved towards establishing Tigerbeat6 as a top purveyor of the more offbeat side of electronic music with releases such as a three-inch CD tribute to N.W.A.

Touch and Go Records - "Touch and Go has released or distributed almost everything Bubba and I have recorded over the last fifteen years." - Matt Kadane from The New Year

Vice - "Vice are my Stateside family. They are the reason I even get to go there." - Mike Skinner of The Streets

Warp - "I think Warp has stood the test of time because they allow what they see originally in an artist be the main focus." - G Evelyn of Nightmares on Wax

Waxploitation - "The company was founded a decade ago, with the goal of championing artists who were doing important things outside of the mainstream." - Jeff Antebi, Founder

We Are Free - Ira Wolf Tuton of Yeasayer offers up a bit of humor when asked about what makes We Are Free so great.

XL Recordings - With such a robust roster, XL Recordings is probably the strongest label in the world, at the moment.

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